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Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Colours

Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Colours


Paints are pure, brilliant, intense and permanent.  They are combines with the finest oil to produce artist colours of superior quality.


G-P-001 Alizarin Crimson                        G-P-016 Burnt Sienna Deep

G-P-023 Burnt Sienna                              G-P-024 Burnt Umber

G-P-025 Cadmium Orange                    G-P-026 Cadmium Barium Red Deep

G-P-027 Cadmium Red Light                G-P-029 Cadmium Red Medium

G-P-030 Carium Barium Red                 G-P-031 Cadmium Yellow Deep

G-P-034 Cadmium Yellow Medium     G-P-036 Cadmium Yellow Pale

G-P-039 Cerulean Blue                            G-P-049 Cobalt Blue

G-P-071 Pale Pink                                       G-P-085 Green Earth

G-P-115 Black Ivory                                    G-P-146 Naples Yellow

G-P-156 Paynes Grey                                 G-P-160 Permanent Blue

G-P-171 Raw Sienna                                   G-P-172 Raw Umber

G-P-182 Rose Madder                                G-P-211 Thio Violet

G-P-212-9 Titanium White                                    G-P-232 Viridian Green

G-P-244 Yellow Ochre


37ml Tube 


Price excludes VAT and shipping.

Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Colours

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