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Technovents' Magnamat is a magnetic mat made from Silicone Material.  It utilises specially designed magnets which retain their magnetism for an extended period without any noticeable decrease in magnetic strength.  The high grade silicone material enables the mat to be cleaned and re-sterilised by conventional methods (steam).  

Holding surgical instruments safely and securely is always a top priority in the operating environment.  The Magna-Mat has been specifically designed and tested within operating theatres.  The flexible, slip resistant design allows the mat to be placed directly upon the patients body giving the surgeon secure and easy access to their instruments.  Magna-Mat can be placed singularly or overlapped onto trolleys and theatre tables to prevent instruments from rolling or moving.  This protects instruments and helps to keep them in their correct position until they are needed, improving accessibility for the surgical assistant. 

The Magnamat is made from surgical grade silicone rubber containing magnets specially designed for Steam sterilisation.  The position of the magnets within the Magna-Mat are indicated by the moulded areas.  This allows instruments to be placed directly onto a magnet to maximise holding power. The moulded silicone structure of the Magna-Mat follows the contours of any surface it is placed on whilst maintaining its holding capacity. 


Please contact us for further information or pricing. 

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