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Factor II Colour System - Flocking

Factor II Colour System - Flocking 


For Intrinsic Colouration. 




H-101-R  Red

H-102-W  White

H-103-Y  Yellow

H-104-B  Light Blue

H-105-B  Blue

H-107-P  Plum

H-108-T  Tan

H-109-P  Pink

H-110-B  Brown

H-111-V  Violet

H-112-B  Black

H-113-G  Charcoal Grey

H-115-G  Gold

H-116-P  Hot Pink

H-120-LB  Light Buff

H-121-R  Dark Red

H-122-B  Dark Blue

H-123-O  Orchid

H-131-G  Green

H-132-F  Flesh

H-136-A  Alzarin


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Factor II Colour System - Flocking

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