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Eskin Instrument

20,000 Real Skin Colours to Choose From...

E-Skin uses a digital library of nearly 20,000 skin tones to match the patients skin for prosthetic


All entries in the digital library have a matching colorant recipe.  

The E-Skin instrument measures skin colour and instantly retrieves and displays on its screen a 
matching colorant recipe from its database.  

The device is lightweight, easy to use and portable. 

Its advanced image capture technology sets a new standard for accuracy in a small handheld device.  With minimal training, clinicians can read a patient's skin tone, obtain a matching colorant recipe and quickly and accurately weigh out the formulation required.  


E-Skin is a skin matching solution providing accurate, repeatable results at a readily affordable price.

E-Skin Instrument features:
●    Stores up to 100 measurements and has a built-in microphone to create a

       quick audio record for each colour. 
●    Previews samples before measurement and zooms in to manually select specific areas. 
●    Portable, lightweight and powered with a USB rechargeable battery. 
●    Provides three measurement area sizes – 8mm, 4mm and 2mm.

Eskin Instrument

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