The Art of Clinical Anaplastology

ACA1 The Art of Clinical Anaplastology 


by Keith Thomas 


Prosthetic Rehabilitation was written by Keith Thomas and first published in 1994. The book dealt with specific techniques of the prosthetic rehabilitation of facial and body disfigured patients, and was well received around the world throughout the professional field.


Since first published, techniques and materials have improved considerably and therefore it was considered that a new book was required, that would provide up to date techniques, materials and more importantly in much greater detail with more illustrations.


The Art of Clinical Anaplastology is a new textbook that contains state of the art techniques and materials used to construct high quality facial and body prostheses.


This 'self published' book is written in a clear, concise and easy manner, and is presented as a manual for easy reference to each particular subject. Page sizes are designed so as to permit generous margins in which the reader may make their own notes relating to the chapter subject for future personal reference.


The book is perfect bound with a gloss laminated cover, and contains 362 pages,over 900 colour illustrations and 19 detailed chapters.


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The Art of Clinical Anaplastology