FOLLOW US Please note - colours shown are for illustration only due to the limitations of the print/display medium being used - do not use these  charts for colour match purposes TECHNOVENT COLOUR SYSTEM: INTRINSIC MASTER SHADES Master colours 15g. Skin Shades 15g. P102 Green 1      P103 Orange     P105 Brilliant      P106 Yellow      P107 Sienna        P109 Black  																																													     	White P112 Brilliant       P113 Mocha     P115 Brilliant         P116 Blue       P122 Purple       P124 Tan 2       P125 Tan 3         Red                                    Yellow P401 Brown         P402 Med         P403 Light      P404 Neutral        P405 Grey        P406 Light  																											Brown								      	Brown                                                          Yellow P407 Yellow         P408 Pink         P409 Rose         P410 Pink        P411 Oyster       P412 Tan  																										 Neutral					      	  Pink