FOLLOW US Please note - colours shown are for illustration only due to the limitations of the print/display medium being used -  do not use these charts for colour match purposes TECHNOVENT COLOUR SYSTEM Flocking 7g:  Microfibres added to silicones to provide increased appearance of depth and light scattering. P301 Red        P302 Purple       P303 Black         P304 Blue       P306 Brown       P307 Pink P308 Tan        P309 White       P311 Yellow Dry Pigments 7g Cosmetic grade dry powders used both intrinsically and extrinsically to colour silicone materials. P202 Green 1    P203 Orange     P205 Brilliant     P206 Yellow      P207 Sienna      P209 Black                                                 White P212 Brilliant    P213 Mocha       P215 Brilliant       P216 Blue       P222 Purple       P224 Tan 2        P225 Tan 3      Red                                       Yellow