How does it work?

A database of hundreds of measured skin tones allowed us to observe how skin tones occupy colour space. This enabled base shades to be selected that produced accurate starting points for any skin tone.

The Reality series swatch guide is used to select the closest base shade/shades to the patients skin tone.

Ready mixed skin shades for quick, accurate and easy skin colour matching.

Spectromatch has developed a ‘by eye’ colouring range that produces improved levels of colour constancy under various lighting conditions and between different observers.

The Reality Series is the first and only skin colouring system formulated to reduce metamerism when matching by eye.

Spectromatch is one of the world’s foremost experts in skin colour measurement, analysis and matching for prosthetic applications. Patented technologies provide the most advanced and accurate systems for skin colour matching currently available.

Using Spectromatch technologies and colourants results in non-metameric prostheses that will match patient’s natural skin colour in all lighting conditions to all observers. They are unique in the market place.