FOLLOW US Primers are used to bond silicone used in the manufacture of the external prosthesis to the  acrylic baseplate which holds and supports the attachment mechanism. A-304 - Factor II General Purpose Primer (30g: £25.95). General purpose platinum curing silicone primer Works well with all acrylics A-330-G - Factor II Gold Primer (14g: £53.55). Primer for bonding platinum curing silicones to acrylics Improved bonding strength over A-304 A-335 - Factor II Violet Primer (14g: £48.10). Primer for Tin curing, condensation silicones Not for use with platinum curing silicones PRIMERS A-335 Violet Primer A-330-G Gold Primer A-304 Factor 2 Platinum Primer G611 Platinum Primer