FOLLOW US J-305 Monopoly Syrup (120g: £21.95). Painting medium for artificial eyes J-116 Pupil Ink (35g: £17.20)> Painting ink for artificial eye pupils J-510 Scleral Polymer (powder) (450g: £72.00). Highest quality white acrylic . Heat cure J-570 Acrylic Monomer (225g: £44.95). Non-crosslinked ocular monomer for use with  J-510 & J-600 J-600 Clear Polymer (powder) (450g: £72.00). Highest quality clear acrylic . Heat cure OTHER OCULAR J-305 Monopoly Syrup J-570 Acrylic Monomer J-600 Clear Polymer J-510 Scleral Polymer J-116 Pupil Ink J-400 Suction Cups  Rubber suction cups to aid handling of artificial eyes J-400   Single cup   £3.95       J-412   Pack of 12 cups  £26.20 J-412 J-400 Suction Cups Page 2