FOLLOW US Please note - colours shown are for illustration only due to the limitations of the print/display medium being used -  do not use these charts for colour match purposes FACTOR 2 COLOUR SYSTEM Flocking 57g Microfibres added to silicones to provide increased appearance of depth and light scattering. H-101-R          H-102-W           H-103-Y            H-104-B         H-105-B            H-107-P   Red	               White              Yellow             Light Blue          Blue                 Plum H-108-T          H-109-P            H-110-B            H-111-V         H-112-B            H-113-G   Tan	                Pink               Brown               Violet             Black                 Grey H-114-S          H-115-G           H-116-P            H-119-P         H-120-LB            H-121-R   Silver	              Gold                Pink                Peach         Light Buff            Dark Red H-122-B          H-123-O            H-132-F           H-131-G           Silver	            Orchid                Flesh              Green