FOLLOW US P199 Master Colour Kit P701 Extrinsic Colour Kit P799 Extrinsic Colour Sealant TECHNOVENT COLOUR KITS AND EXTRINSIC SYSTEM P199 Master Colour Kit 10x10g. Comprehensive intrinsic kit that contains 10 master colours including red, blue,  yellow, green and white. 10 x 10g bottles P702 Extrinsic Colour Kit 10x15ml Kit for extrinsic colouration. A bottle of colour thinner is included in the kit to  Prolong the work time.  All colours available individually in 30g and 50g bottles. Use with P799 extrinsic sealant. 10 x 10g bottles. P499 Skin Shade Kit P499 Skin Shade Colour Kit 12x10g An intrinsic kit that enables the base for most skin shades to be created. 12 x 10g bottles. P799 Extrinsic Sealant 2x20ml Dispersion of silicone rubber in a silcone based solvent for sealing a sillicone surface After painting.  2 x 20g bottles.