A key strategic approach is the appointment of overseas distributors in order to better service the requirements of new markets. Technovent is proud to work with its appointed distributors and to support their activities by exhibiting and running educational support workshops at the many international conferences held by various associations worldwide.

Technovent Limited was acquired in 2007 by MBI (Wales) Limited at which time its base of operations was relocated from Leeds to South Wales.

This move has allowed the Directors a more hands-on approach to  Technovent’s day to day activities, focusing on solidifying market share in UK and growth of the company overseas.

As such, Technovent is now the UK’s leading supplier of its own-brand specialist maxillofacial prosthetic materials and its MagnaCap magnetic retention system.

If your company is interested in working with Technovent as one of our appointed distributors, please contact us at

Technovent has a long standing relationship with the US based maxillofacial materials company Factor II Inc and the acquisition has strengthened this relationship further whereby Factor II distributes Technovent’s magnets and maxillofacial materials in the US and, conversely, Technovent distributes Factor II products in the UK and Europe. The Directors of both Technovent and Factor II have recently set up a joint company in order to service industry requirements which fall outside the purview of either company and to further strengthen the close relationship.